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Upping Your Domain Search Game: Placement Plus at Domainsbot

March 11, 2024

If you’re a member of the domain industry, you’ve likely heard of Identity Digital. With an extensive portfolio of TLDs, they offer popular extensions such as .info, .live, .bio, and .pro. But did you know it’s now possible for Domainsbot partners to access rebates on Identity Digital TLDs?

Now through your Name Suggestion setup, you can unlock rebates on the domains that your customers are already searching for, free of charge. Over the last year, Domainsbot customers have implemented the program with great success.

How it works:

Dynamically showcase Identity Digital’s portfolio of nearly 300 TLDs in a single search result slot via your Domainsbot Name Suggestion control panel.

Your customers search and see seamlessly-placed, highly-relevant sponsored domain results. You drive increased registrations, your customers are thrilled with their domain results. Oh, and you’re using one of the best name search tools on the planet. Winners all around!

Placement Plus Benefits:

Placement Plus is designed to elevate your domain search experience. Gone are the days of static paid placements that fail to deliver results your customers care about. Placement Plus outperforms static paid placements by delivering relevant and exact match search results to both the left and the right of the dot. With Placement Plus, you can:

  1. Drive Conversions
    The key to a successful online presence lies in driving conversions, and Placement Plus is designed to do just that. By delivering highly relevant and exact match search results, Placement Plus helps boost your conversions. According to Identity Digital’s analysis, partners implementing Placement Plus saw a remarkable 47% increase in Identity Digital units sold within the first 12 months.
  2. Increase Revenue
    Revenue is a business’ lifeblood, and Placement Plus is a powerful program to boost financial success. By generating a higher average revenue per domain, the program helps you maximize your earnings. In 2023, partners using Placement Plus reported an impressive $10.20 average revenue per domain. Additionally, partners saw an 18% increase in Identity Digital unit revenue within first 30 days of implementing.
  3. Enhance Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
    Customer loyalty is invaluable, and Placement Plus contributes to enhancing customer LTV by increasing renewal rates. Matching customers with relevant domains increases their likelihood of renewing, and partners saw a substantial 48% increase in Identity Digital unit average LTV within the first 12 months of implementing Placement Plus.

Placement Plus is available now for our Name Suggestion tool users. Give it a try and experience the power of highly relevant, dynamic paid placements.

Want to learn more about our Name Suggestion tool or Placement Plus? Cool, check it out.

Have additional registry programs you’re interested in? Awesome, let us know.

Statistics provided by Identity Digital and recorded as: “Source: a) 2021 Identity Digital analysis of performance data for partners implementing Placement Plus and displaying optimized TLD pricing; b) Identity Digital proprietary customer revenue data.”

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