Learn more about Domainsbot and get answers to some common questions about our services.

Once I sign up for a service, how long until we can get started on a project?

Business Intelligence: Usually you have started working on the project long before you sign up because we offer a generous free trial during which we understand what you want to achieve and show you how we would answer your questions with data insights. If you would like to begin your free trial, please let us know.

Data Provisioning: We offer easy integrations starting with simple file exchanges on sFTPs up to customized integrations within your current data services (such as SnowFlake or BigQuery). The time of the integration depends on your preferences and current system and it should be between one to a few days.

NameSuggestion: We offer easy WHMCS plugins or a RestFul API. With clear documentation you should be up and running in a day or two.

Can I schedule a demo without commitment to sign up?

Absolutely. We are happy to fully understand what you are trying to achieve and see if there is a good fit for both of us.

Where can I find documentation and manuals?

Name Suggestion: on our website

Business Intelligence: No need for tech documentation! We offer a turnkey solution. You can also review Kibana tutorials to learn how powerful our BI platform is and how to use it.

Why does Domainsbot crawl websites?

We crawl domain names and the content of their home pages to help our customers and their own clients to:

  1. Enforce their rights as brand owners
  2. Identify and fix potential cyber security risks
  3. Understand opportunities to better serve the people that build the internet with their websites and applications

How long do you usually take to respond to inquiries?

Expect to hear back from our expert team within 24 hours during business days.

Will I have a dedicated account manager at Domainsbot?

Absolutely. We have a hands-on team and you will be directly connected to our top managers and founders in the management of your partnership.

I can’t login to one of my accounts with Domainsbot. What should I do?

Simply create a ticket or reach out to your dedicated account manager for immediate assistance.

Where can I learn more about the pricing of your products?

Some of our service prices are publicly available on our website. For services that require custom development, please contact us at ciao@domainsbot.com or open a support ticket from your logged in account.

Are there ever options to meet with your team in person?

Yes, we always look forward to opportunities to meet with our partners in person. Throughout the year, we attend domain, hosting, and security conferences. Please reach out if you would like to meet in person to discuss your account or are interested in working with Domainsbot.

Does Domainsbot intentionally collect personally identifiable information?

No, absolutely not. Our company respects GDPR and other relevant privacy regulations.

In particular:

  1. We do not gather PII from sources like the WHOIS but limit ourselves to non regulated information
  2. We respect the robots.txt netiquette
  3. We offer an opt-out from our crawlers at https://domainsbot.com/opt-out/

We might unintentionally process PII published on the homepage of a website but we take no further action to try formatting the information to enable their use.

Looking for more information? Great, let’s connect!