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The professional solution to optimize your conversion rate and differentiate from your competitors.

To thrive in today’s highly competitive domain industry, you need to take initiative to better convert visitors into paying customers.

  • Discover what works best for your clients with low cost, easy-to-run A/B tests
  • Enable your customers to find better names faster with more relevant results
  • Easily highlight the TLDs and ccTLDs you want
  • Fully customize the search experience for your customers
  • Automatically learn from user queries and feature domain names most likely to sell
  • Track results and searches with our powerful analytics dashboard

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Why settle for the free, one-size-fits-all name suggestion solutions?

Your customers have unique needs and your company needs to differentiate itself from the competition.

For a domain registrar or hosting company, a well-matched domain name often leads to active usage, ultimately enabling higher margin product purchases. What if you could improve registrations with higher quality results? Well, now you can.

  • We can help you create personalized domain search user experiences to customize the way you interact with your clients so they know why you’re better than your competitors;
  • We can reduce the cost of running A/B tests so you can discover what works best, faster;
  • Our dashboard will show you what worked best so you understand how to improve without developing custom tooling in house;
  • Our AI will learn how to increase relevancy over time by looking at what actually works best for your customers.
First impressions matter image

First impressions matter

Don’t lose customers by creating unnecessary scrolling through average results. Instead, optimize your ROI.

Suggestions that sell

Our system analyzes millions of registered domains and monitors conversion rates to learn what your customers are most likely to buy.

Up and running in minutes

Integrate a single API call or install our WHMCS plugin and start selling more domains in minutes.

Personalize your domain search user experience

Design and test unique ways to display the results of your customers’ domain search. We know you’re busy and we can help lessen the burden for you.

Easy implementation of registry placement programs

With our unique “sections” functionality, you can implement registry placement promotions with zero effort. Simply decide where to display placement TLDs and inform us how many domains to display. We will then deliver the most relevant and likely to sell TLD for you!

Speak your customer’s language

Name Suggestion is available in 11 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Polish.

Make money with the power of high-performing placements with Placement Plus

Domainsbot and registry, Identity Digital, have joined forces to bring you their most successful rebate program, Placement Plus.

Unlike traditional static search, Domainsbot’s dynamic Name Suggestion solution delivers precise and relevant search results on both sides of the dot. Domainsbot’s Name Search Suggestion is even more powerful when paired with Placement Plus special rebates. Through this partnership, you can dynamically showcase Identity Digital’s portfolio of nearly 300 TLDs in a single search result slot and access the top rebates on Identity Digital’s TLDs.

In 2023, partners using Placement Plus reported an

  • Impressive $10.20 average revenue per domain**
  • 18% increase in Identity Digital unit revenue in first 30 days of implementation*
  • 47% increase in Identity Digital units sold within the first 12 months of implementation*

Placement Plus is available at no added cost via the Domainsbot Name Suggestion tool. Contact us to learn how to access the best pricing on Identity Digital’s portfolio of TLDs.

*Source: 2021 Identity Digital analysis of performance data for partners implementing Placement Plus and displaying optimized TLD pricing.
**Source: Identity Digital proprietary customer revenue data.

With Domainsbot, we’ll help you better understand your customers and inspire you to see what’s possible with customized search tools.

Work with our strategically built Name Suggestion or design a new user experience specifically for your customers. Regardless of your industry, or how your customers’ interests vary, we empower you to take ideas into action and provide a unique deliverable to reach your domain sales goals.

Customize the experience

Our API provides a full self-service option. Run Name Suggestion directly and customize it as you review reports or test strategies. For this option, no interactions with us are required, though we’re always here if you need us.

For Enterprise clients, or those looking to give varying customer segments customized experiences, we work with you to create and deploy something unique.

"Tucows understands the importance of presenting the right domain name to the right customer at the right time. Since 2005, we've trusted Domainsbot’s Name Suggestion to help us, and the thousands of Tucows OpenSRS resellers to do just that. Providing our resellers a simple means to offer their customers relevant alternatives when their first-choice domain is taken is essential, and Domainsbot enables this."

Dave Woroch, VP of Sales and Marketing at Tucows

"Domainsbot helps us deliver relevant search results, ultimately boosting our bottom line. Through their AI powered and proprietary search functionality, we can customize the domain search experience for our users and increase overall domain sales."

Michael Robrok, CEO at Sedo

“At Newfold, we needed a partner that could deliver on flexibility and provide solutions-driven results. Domainsbot continues to prove they are the best match for our needs. The team is innovative and forward looking, actively applying AI learnings to better our service.”

Abhijit Relekar, Product Leader at Newfold

“Having the Domainsbot name suggestion used within our group is a noteworthy benefit to our business. The Domainsbot team is collaborative, proactive, creative, and solutions-driven. In addition to knowing that the product is well maintained and running with active machine learning capabilities, we trust in the team to continually deliver an above market solution.”

Team.Blue (

How Name Suggestion works

Our inhouse Machine Learning analyzes every search and tracking conversion to understand what works best for each specific registrar and their customer base(s).

The data is then applied to perpetually improve future suggestions, always presenting each customer the variations and TLDs most relevant to the original query and those which are most likely to sell.

Gain valuable insights

Our Name Suggestion comes with a powerful analytics dashboard that will allow you to track every impression, registration, win, and loss for all the TLDs, including ccTLDs. See which domains were searched on your account, but ultimately registered with a competitor instead. Lets Domainsbot help flag your true name search competitors.

Beyond improving the customer experience and increasing registrations, search information can play a key role in helping you execute promotions and sales actions when knowing which TLDs perform best. Teams can more efficiently plan marketing strategies, while leadership can better understand how to convert more names and who of your competitors you are losing money to.

Extend your team

Our partners fondly consider Domainsbot an extension of their inner team. Save valuable time and resources by working with Domainsbot, a team that is committed to providing best-in-class services and is trusted worldwide to help partners succeed.

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

In certain situations, domain search queries can be considered personal data. Domainsbot is proud to offer a fully GDPR compliant solution. We have a clear data protection policy that ensures your customers’ data is safe and that you can run your business without concern of potential leaks. Contact us today to find out more about our GDPR-compliant service.


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