Data Provisioning

Get High Value, Ready-to-Import Data

Work with your own infrastructure and tools to analyze, sift, and draw conclusions from the data you want, but don’t have.

Domainsbot provides domain related data to leading companies in the domain industry and beyond.

Our client use-cases span marketing and sales, to better understand who is investing in domains, websites, and market trends, to cyber security and domain & brand protection.

  • High coverage and high quality data
  • Proprietary, unique data to better understand your customers
  • Customized data provisioning processes to match your needs
  • Multiple integration options for easy access
  • Competitive pricing.

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Spot threats and opportunities from market trends

Empower your business intelligence team with new, unique data points.

Quantify the effectiveness of marketing and sales initiatives

Better understand your customers and campaign successes by using insights to generate your own unique value propositions.

Gain valuable insights for M&A opportunities

Focus on supporting strategy and execution with data beyond your current access, getting you ahead of the game on big decisions.

Protect your organization from cyber threats

Empower your security process and analysts with accurate and up-to-date data to protect your business and clients.

Help Internal teams succeed

Partners seek out Domainsbot to provide both raw and augmented data to internal business intelligence teams to help them reach their goals. Your team should not be focused on collecting, cleaning, standardizing, and enhancing publicly available data, they should be focused on helping your sales and marketing teams beat your competition. Let Domainsbot do the organizing so your team can create action from the data directly. Often considered an extension of internal teams, Domainsbot delivers data tailored to your specific needs.

Protect your customer’s brand

Our data covers both domain and website content insights across ccTLDs, gTLDs and nTLDs. With almost 100 data points and an ability to create custom “threat scores”, we are enabling the brand protection industry to ask for more information about possible threats — and the comfort of knowing which opportunities deserve your attention first.

Get easy access to data that’s ready to be consumed and analyzed.

Discover high quality data on demand, monitored regularly for  updates and improvements. Let us help you fill in the blanks on what you’re missing so you can make better business decisions.

How it works

Meet the solutions that will take you where you want to go.

Data Provisioning Snapshots Diagram: 1) you provide a list of domains; 2) Domainsbot provides periodic crawling, standardization and data augmentation; 3) you get Domainsbot data for each of your domains


If you have a list of domains you are interested in and want to periodically receive crawled, standardized and augmented data about them, Snapshot is the solution for you.
Snapshot’s integration can be as simple as writing and reading files on a sFTP.


If you don’t know which domain you want to get an update on or if you simply want to have the entire internet at your fingertips, you need DataSync.

We regularly crawl, standardize, and augment domain data to push what you need onto your own data infrastructure so that you can merge our data with your own and create something unique.

Data Provisioning Data Sync Diagram: 1) Internet: newly created or deleted domains, domain and website changes; 2) Domainsbot: peridic crawling, standardization and data augmentation; 3) You: a selection of domains or the entire internet is now at available at your premise.

How much data can I get?

Domainsbot allows you to select only the data points you care about, as well as the ability to apply custom filters to our data set and receive updates on what’s most important to you.

Repeating the same actions and expecting growth is not a winning strategy. Let us help you switch gears and empower your team to do more.

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Discover our data points

DNS Data
The information contained in the DNS records of a domain can be critical to identifying the usage and type of customer you’re analyzing — from the kind of website to the type of customers behind the domain. Leverage the full power of what the DNS tells you so you can target with pinpoint precision.
CMS & Content
We structure the content of websites to allow you to search and understand the domains and websites in our database. Titles, descriptions, and the homepage website text are distilled and structured for you to search and learn from.
eCommerce & SSL
We collect all the information about websites that are related to eCommerce and the integrated business tools. We deeply analyze the SSL of every website to identify all different aspects of the SSL certificate that a website is using.
Tools & Frameworks
We analyze website structures and how they were developed. With this complete collection of data, you can understand who the user is behind a website and how the website is actually used. Get all the vital information you need to assess and understand your market and make informed decisions.
Augmented Data
Leverage our proprietary AI models to understand how websites are used and what their topics are to better understand who your customers are.

"About fifteen years in the domain industry taught me that striving to make data-driven decisions is the basis for success. With their business-oriented view of the domain and hosting market, intuitive tools and phenomenal team that is always quick to respond, Domainsbot has been one of the main facilitators of this kind of decision making process. "

Predrag Lesic, CEO at .Me

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