About Us

Data. We love it.

Forever inspired and driven to make data work for our partners, we have built a trusted, values-driven service empowering online businesses worldwide for over 20 years.

As an ICANN accredited registrar, Domainsbot helps leaders in the domain and hosting industry extract value from data and drive more revenue. While we have been doing this since 2004, our state-of-the-art approaches and processes, energy, enthusiasm, and straight-up love for turning spreadsheets into actionable insights is our winning combination.

What we do

We empower online companies to better understand their customers and markets, enabling them to act on insights that will make their customers happier and their businesses stronger.

With a worldwide team, and home bases in Rome, Italy, and Los Altos, California, Domainsbot is composed of an experienced and diverse group of experts. From data scientists to developers to domain name experts, all Domainsbot members share a common set of values and a passion for helping our partners discover key strategic insights through data.

Considering ourselves as an extension of your internal team, we find partners often refer to us as their secret weapon.

There’s nothing we love more than being presented with a fascinating business or technical challenge. Earning the opportunity to deliver positive change to our partners’ organizations is what drives us at Domainsbot. If you’re stumped or  have a question you just can’t seem to answer, give us a call — we’d be happy to explore solutions and support your team.

Meet the team

Emiliano Pasqualetti

CEO & Chief Data Scientist

Daniel Ruzzini Mejia

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Javier Ruere

Chief Technical Officer

Arihanta Razafindranovona

Senior Software Developer

Idriss Bellil

Senior Backend Developer

Matheus Cansian

Senior Software Developer

Andres Mora

Junior Developer

Mariasole Pasqualetti

Finance & Billing Manager

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