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Reach your revenue goals and build customer loyalty with the top comprehensive brand monitoring solution for domain names and websites.

Flag Threats, Build Trust, Make Money

Whether a law firm, brand protection specialist, or corporate registrar, we have you covered with Domainsbot’s fully white labeled Brand Monitoring reporting service — a perfect solution for your SMB clients.

Ready for upsell to your registered trademark customers, Domainsbot empowers partners to monetize enforcement services, uncovering more threats than any other provider and giving you proactive opportunities to bring  more cases worth enforcing to your clients.

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ccTLD Expertise

Gain valuable visibility across the elusive ccTLD market. Benefit from extensive ccTLD monitoring for a global perspective on domain activities.

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Monitoring Website Content

Our monitoring solution helps you discover cases of infringement in website content, even if the domain name looks harmless and is “flying under the radar”.

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Affordable Pricing

Complete your brand protection strategy with a wealth of solutions at highly competitive rates. Prices are ready for markup and will support your best interests. 

brand monitoring and reports

Get the information you need to help your clients in a single affordable solution

From vigilant monitoring to decisive action, elevate your services with reporting options that offer aggregated data, visualizations, charts, and the most comprehensive data reports available.

Focus on delivering top-tier, money making monitoring brand protection services to your clients, while we support you with unparalleled white-label brand monitoring services behind the scenes.

Help your SMB customers discover potential threats where no one else is looking

Bad actors are getting smarter. They are hiding their illegal activities behind what can seem like legitimate domain names, though host illegal activities on the website. They may even decide to not be indexed on popular search engines, and to promote their activities with social media advertising instead. Additionally, in countries outside the USA, country level extensions (ccTLDs) such as .it, .pl or .sg, are usually as popular as .com

With over 20 years of experience in the domain name industry, Domainsbot has gained access to unique data sources that allow us to see more ccTLDs domains and ahead of anyone else. Contact us to discover our unique value proposition.

White Label

Get white label reports that can be branded to fully match your business. Reports will be viewed by your clients as 100% your services.

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Design custom reports, select exactly what you want to include, add insights to an existing report, or create a new, thorough report with Domainsbot’s assistance.

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Easy and Flexible

No need to worry about maintaining complex data and reporting systems, we have that fully covered — saving you time and energy so you can focus on your customers.

Beyond Domains

We are more than a simple domain watch service. We index hundreds of millions of domain names and their most relevant data, particularly the content of website homepages to help you discover cases of infringement from seemingly legitimate domains.


Once you complete your report designs, you can trust that they will be generated at any automated interval of your choosing. Regularly provide your customers with detailed and comprehensive data, allowing them to protect their brand.

The Domainsbot Solution

We believe there are thousands of small and medium businesses that care about protecting their brand online but lack the knowledge, time, and resources to succeed.

Together, we can unlock this market. We have designed our brand monitoring solution to provide professionals, like you, the means to identify potential cases of brand infringement so that you can help your customers take action.

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Trusted Partners

We empower early detection and intervention to mitigate potential damage from counterfeit websites, phishing attacks, and other fraudulent activities.

Our solution includes data reports that make it easy for you to assess each case and help you understand who to contact to enforce your customers’ rights.

We can also provide you with visual reports to help you explain the importance of brand protection and show the results of your work to your customers.

Choose the reporting method that works best for you

Delivering brand monitoring services in the format that compliments you and your clients’ needs.

Visual Reporting

Provide extensive and meaningful branded reports to your customers in strong visual formats.

The easy to digest format is perfect for customer facing reports and provides strong snapshots into your monitoring.

Data Reporting

Looking for raw data to complement your existing monitoring, or to build on your team’s approach?

Get the data directly in a spreadsheet format, ready for all the tracking and discovery you want to apply.

We know you need a key partner

Excel your brand monitoring services while growing your business and the revenue aspects of the service with Domainsbot.

"Domainsbot Brand Monitoring has proven to be an effective tool for United Domains in initiating meaningful conversations about brand protection, particularly among our small and medium-sized customers. We firmly believe that every brand deserves protection, and thanks to this innovative solution, our customers now understand the significance of safeguarding their most valuable asset online.”

Rinor Gashi, United Domains

“Thanks to Domainsbot, our analysts can finally take brand monitoring beyond the basics of a domain name. We have expanded our visibility to look deeper into the content of potentially infringing websites, a direct benefit of our clients. The Domainsbot team is always ready to help us with our most challenging technical questions, and we are excited to think about what this collaboration will bring to our market in the future.”

Federica Zambelli

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Domainsbot detect more cases of infringement and do so earlier than anyone else?
We do not try to guess which domains may possibly infringe on your customers' rights. We look at EVERY registered domain instead and search for relevant cases. In particular, we look closely for country code TLDs (e.g. .it, .pl, .sg. etc.) where few others are looking.
How is Domainsbot's service different from other domain monitoring solutions?
When we discover new domains, we crawl and analyze their most relevant data, including the content of their homepage to discover potential threats behind apparently harmless domains.
What happens if my customer cancels their subscription?

Our services are offered as monthly subscriptions. You can cancel an order at any time, while keeping all other clients' monitoring unaffected.

Are there any demo or test options available?
We are glad to offer you a free demo of the service. Please contact us to learn more.

All the reporting you need, in one simple white label solution.

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