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In a robust industry, like Brand Protection, it’s important to always look ahead -— making sure your brands are fully protected and that your breadth of service stands out from the competition.

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Working with leading industry legal and paralegal teams, Domainsbot has observed several core challenges facing the Brand Protection industry today:

  • Teams want visibility over possibly infringing domains under ccTLDs
  • Teams are interested in possible infringements on the content of web pages, even if the domain name appears harmless
  • Teams want to focus on the domains most likely to infringe rather than casting too large a net

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Brand Protection services

Get accurate visibility over ccTLD registrations, even when zone files are not available

Get extended visibility over the content of the home page of any domain and get a better understanding of the website’s content beyond the domain name

Let our Machine Learning score threats so you can focus on the most likely to infringe domains first.

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We understand the importance of flexibility, particularly when it comes to online Brand Protection.

Every brand has its unique requirements and a good Brand Protection service must be adaptable. At Domainsbot, flexibility is not only reflected in the service functionalities, but also the pricing.

Work with Domainsbot to narrow your analysis and reduce false positives.

As experts in the domain and web content space, we’re here to help you solve the challenges of today so you can be ahead of tomorrow.

Be strategic, discuss your Brand Protection goals with Domainsbot and find the insights that work for you.

“Thanks to Domainsbot, our analysts can finally take brand monitoring beyond the basics of a domain name. We have expanded our visibility to look deeper into the content of potentially infringing websites, a direct benefit of our clients. The Domainsbot team is always ready to help us with our most challenging technical questions, and we are excited to think about what this collaboration will bring to our market in the future.”

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