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Making data actionable

Whether a hosting business, registrar, or registry, better understand your customers and today’s highly competitive domain landscape.

Supporting sales and customer retention with actionable insights.

Use domain data insights to improve your upsell product opportunities and give your customers options that best meet their needs.

Chances are, you’re sitting on a mountain of internal data.

It’s a story we hear often, but teams just don’t have the time or resources to turn that data into an actionable strategy. Beyond internal data, make sure you’re accessing, processing, and considering insights that can be gained for the industry at large. Don’t get left behind because you’re not seeing the full picture.

We can help

With Domainsbot, we’re often considered an extension of internal teams — able to help you ask and answer tough business questions with both the data you hold internally, and with our deep database of always up-to-date industry data. Let our insights, personal approach, and AI methods get you the insights you need to make better decisions and identify new business opportunities.

Answering your tough questions

Personalized Consulting

We begin with a personalized consultation to make sure we understand the goals you want to achieve. Experience early victories as we generate momentum in support of a more data-driven approach for your organization.

Solutions for You

We support your organization at every stage of the journey. Domainsbot provides solutions from simple reporting and actionable dashboards that require no integration, to enriching your own databases with fresh and customizable data.

Greater Visibility

We extend your visibility beyond internal customer data to help you better understand your position in the market. Our deep industry insights, matched with your internal data, will open a world of possibilities, including flagging threats and opportunities.

Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning to create unique and valuable data points that will help you better understand your customers and their needs. Our focus is to help you discover opportunities with impactful insights.

“Having the Domainsbot name suggestion used within our group is a noteworthy benefit to our business. The Domainsbot team is collaborative, proactive, creative, and solutions-driven. In addition to knowing that the product is well maintained and running with active machine learning capabilities, we trust in the team to continually deliver an above market solution.”

Claudio Corbetta, CEO Team.Blue (

“DomainsBot allows our Marketing and Channel Management teams to keep the pulse on the market, understand, and flag opportunities for growth ahead of others. What DomainsBot offers is an invaluable competitive advantage that our team utilizes to make the .shop name space flourish.”

Hiro Tsukahara, CEO at GMO Registry

"About fifteen years in the domain industry taught me that striving to make data-driven decisions is the basis for success. With their business-oriented view of the domain and hosting market, intuitive tools and phenomenal team that is always quick to respond, Domainsbot has been one of the main facilitators of this kind of decision making process. "

Predrag Lesic, CEO at .Me

"Domainsbot helps us deliver relevant search results, ultimately boosting our bottom line. Through their AI powered and proprietary search functionality, we can customize the domain search experience for our users and increase overall domain sales."

Michael Robrok, CEO at Sedo

“At Newfold, we needed a partner that could deliver on flexibility and provide solutions-driven results. Domainsbot continues to prove they are the best match for our needs. The team is innovative and forward looking, actively applying AI learnings to better our service.”

Abhijit Relekar, Product Leader at Newfold

"Tucows understands the importance of presenting the right domain name to the right customer at the right time. Since 2005, we've trusted Domainsbot’s Name Suggestion to help us, and the thousands of Tucows OpenSRS resellers to do just that. Providing our resellers a simple means to offer their customers relevant alternatives when their first-choice domain is taken is essential, and Domainsbot enables this."

Dave Woroch, VP of Sales and Marketing at Tucows

"The Domainsbot Business Intelligence Suite is like a GPS navigator for our Sales and Marketing team. We identify the best customers and partners with much less effort and greater effectiveness thanks to the DomainsBot team. I personally use the tool to answer higher level questions on how my target market is changing and how we can profit from these insights."

Munesh Jadoun, Founder and CEO at Znet

A Values-Driven Business

Our work is motivated by one clear goal – to empower our partners.

We proudly stand by our values, always ensuring total privacy with our partners and work. Meet the Domainsbot team.