Example image from the new Pandalytics Domainsbot Business Intelligence dashboard.

Meet the New Pandalytics Dashboard

June 4, 2024

Exciting Pandalytics Updates

We know that in today’s fast-paced digital world, the importance of an intuitive and efficient user dashboard can’t be overstated. And that’s why we revisited the Pandalytics Business Intelligence dashboard. You deserve extensive resources delivered with efficiency and ease of use – and we’re here to help you get to the good stuff, data insights!

A well-designed user dashboard not only enhances satisfaction by facilitating smoother operations and interactions but also significantly boosts productivity by providing crucial information at a glance. By prioritizing our new user-friendly dashboard, we strive to enhance your overall experience and results.

Our new Pandalytic Business Intelligence dashboard launched last week and we’re already getting great user feedback. If you have been looking for data insights that you can manage yourself, then the new Pandalytics dashboard has you covered!

With our extensive coverage, access key data on hundreds of millions of domains in one single business intelligence database.

As a reminder about the Pandalytics platform, here are just a few ways it can help your business take off:

  • Spot threats and opportunities from market trends
  • Better understand your customers
  • Quantify the effectiveness of marketing or sales initiatives
  • Understand what your competitors are doing and how it affects your business
  • Identify M&A opportunities

We dive deep with the data, providing you all the tools you need to answer your tough business questions.

Check out a few of the updated platform features:

ccTLDs Now Available

ccTLDs are now available on Pandalytics! Access to ccTLDs is available with a subscription upgrade. Please contact us to request.

Dashboard chart showing ccTLDs

Updated Visual Design

With simple layouts and a fresh new look, make your inquiries more enjoyable.

Dashboard screenshot showcasing some updated visual design elements
Faster Searches and Downloads

Downloads just got faster and easier! When you request a download, we will prepare the package and notify you when it is ready for download. The file remain available even after the initial download.

Dashboard UI element showing download options
Save Default View

While scrolling search results, you don’t need to select at every search which columns you want to see. By using the “Save as default” button, your search results will appear populated with your favorite columns.

New ability to save default view in Pandalytics
Magnifying Function for Easy Reading

Based on popular requests, enjoy the integrated zoom function to enhance your viewing experience. After all, there are a lot of insights to see!

New zoom functionality in place for zooming in and out
With Pandalytics, get all the data you need, all in one place.

If you would like to book a demonstration of the new platform for your organization, please let us know and we’ll make it happen! Free demo accounts available as well for you test it out directly – we know you’ll love it.

And to all of our amazing clients, thank you for your continued partnerships with Domainsbot. It is because of you that we strive continue pursuing excellence!

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